[ENG] Mission Report MoonDot Day 1 – June 30, 2015

The launch of the first MoonDot mission occured at the beginning of the launch window at 15:34:30 CEST from the mini launch base in Spain. The four motors of the boosters and the motor of the core stage were simultaneously ignited propelling the mini-Ariane 6 with mausonaut on-board towards Earth orbit.


More information about the mini Ariane 6 you can find here.

Initial checks of the spaceship showed no anomalies. Thus, the upper stage engine was fired as planned for 351 sec at 18:10:16 allowing the spaceship to enter an elliptical orbit towards the Moon.

21 minutes later the spaceship was successfully separated from the third stage.

All systems on-board the spaceship are operating nominal. One minor issue was detected. The mircoswitches of two of the four custom built solar panels of the service module did not indicate a successful unfolding of the solar array booms. The issue is being investigated by a team on-ground. Note that mausonaut is not in any danger. For the short duration of the mission essentially no solar arrays are needed to perform the mission successfully as the capacity of the batteries is sufficient.

Therefore it was decided to send Mausonaut to sleep as planned.

For future events of the mission please visit the published mission plan here.

The mission director

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