[ENG] Mission Report MoonDot Day 2 – July 1, 2015

The MoonDot mission is continuing as planned. All onboard systems are working fine. Mausonaut is delivering an excellent performance in space.

Troubleshooting of the two undeployed solar panels was continued. A small satellite with a camera was deployed delivering images from the outside of the spaceship. The images clearly confirmed that two of the four solar panels custom built for this mission have not deployed at all.


The other two panels had unfolded without any issues. The situation is not completely understood at the moment. Therefore the ground team is opting to order a short space walk of Mausonaut for getting an improved understanding of the situation. As the Service Module will burn up during re-entry in the atmosphere of the Earth there is no other option to understand the situation than to have a close visual inspection by Mausonaut during this mission. The small camera satellite cannot deliver this information because it has to stay in a certain safety distance to the module.

Mausonaut is supporting the idea of a visual inspection during an EVA. The final decision about the EVA is still pending. The decision about an EVA is expected to be made early tomorrow.

The Mission Director

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