[ENG] Mission Report MoonDot Day 3 – July 2, 2015

Mausonaut had to fulfill another task after the finalisation of the Mission report yesterday. The main engine of the Service Module had to be tested. Therefore this engine was ignited for 3.5 sec at aound 22:15:20 CEST. With this successful test the engine is qualified for more missions.  By the way, this engine was used several times successfully as an engine of the Orbital Maneuvring System (OMS) for the Space Shuttle.

Shortly after this short test the mission direction had decided to order a space walk (EVA) of Mausonaut for today. The only task assigned was the visual inspection of the non-deployed Solar panels.

After being dressed with the space suit and other prepatory tasks Mausonaut started the EVA by opening the hatch of the space capsule at 5:20 pm CEST. As the capsule is relatively small there is no room for an airlock. After all air had escaped from the capsule mausonaut was egressing. Now the real adventure for Mausonaut started.


The first task of Mausonaut was to prepare a special deployable telescope boom. This boom is necessary to reach almost any location of the spaceship as there are no hand rails available. After connecting the safety cable to the top of the boom Mausonaut extended the boom to reach the worksite near the problematic Solar panels.


Mausonaut visually inspected both panels in question. No problem nor any damage was spotted. The panels just seem to be stuck somehow. Mausonaut suggested to shake the panels to get them free. After some discussions and warnings given about sharp edges of the panels the plan to shake both panels carefully was agreed on by Mission Control. Thus, Mausonaut was shaking both panels more than just a bit. After getting the impression that the panels were coming free Mausonaut moved to the neighbourhood of the hatch of the capsule to be in safety distance for a deployment of the Solar panels. From this safe distance Mausonaut was watching what was going on after the signals for deployment were given from the ground.

Panel2Both panels were deployed without any issue now putting big smiles into the faces of all people and the mouse involved. The Solar panel issue was solved by the fantastic and energetic work of Mausonaut. Thank you so much Mausonaut!

After this big success Mausonaut was ordered to finish the first EVA of a mausonaut ever. And this EVA had just happened in a location somewhere between Earth and Moon. This is what I call EPIC.

The mission director

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