Introducing my spaceship

My spaceship is consisting mainly of two parts. There is the Service Module of the spaceship. This module is mainly based on the design of the European Service Module (ESM) of ESA for the NASA spaceship Orion. And this ESM was developed from the service module of the ATV of ESA. Remember that the ATV has flown five very successful supply missions to the International Space Station (ISS).


The Service Module has three different levels of engines. There is the main engine of the module for larger maneuvers like inserting into an orbit around the Moon. By the way, this engine has flown already several times as OMS engine of the Space Shuttle orbiters. NASA was so kind to donate this engine for the ESM. Around the main engines you can find 8 smaller engines. Their tasks is to perform smaller maneuvers like curse corrections. And they are the backup engines in the unlikely case that the main engine is failing.


6 pods with four small thrusters each are distributed over the side walls of the ESM. These thrusters are used for orienting the spaceship.


The fuel for all these thruster is located inside the service module. There are additional tanks for water and air available. These tanks are then connected with the crew module via an adapter between the two modules.

The crew module is were I will work and live during my space missions. There is also my seat for the launch and landing inside. Many items like food are stored in the crew module, too. Additionally, there are some thrusters and corresponding fuel tanks in the module mainly used during re-rentry in the atmosphere of Earth.

The crew module design is based on a design that has already flown into space long time ago. In 1998 the Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator (ARD) was launched for a test flight by an Ariane 5. After a short flight ARD splashed down successfully in the Pacific. We upgraded this capsule design a bit to be mouse-rated. Now it can also touch down on land.

The ship is relatively small. The engineers say I will be able to travel with it up to 21 days. For longer and complex missions additional modules like habitation moduls, an airlock or a lander needs to be added.


Finally, I can reveal that my spaceship has a special feature – the Solar panels. The ESM will have four rectangular Solar panels in X configuration. We kept the X configuration but replaced the panels with circular-shaped ones. This is to give the ship a more mouse style design.  😉

Thanks for reading



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