[ENG] Meets and greets at the #ExoMars launch events

My visit at ESOC attending the ExoMars 2016 launch event took about 15 hours. Obviously I had the change to meet many interesting people and friends and talk to them. I prefer not to go into too much details here. Instead I will let the images talk! Enjoy!


Meeting my old friend Paxi – the ESA mascot for kids – in front of the 1:1 model of the Schiaparelli lander


Meeting another mascot – Telespatz of the enterprise Telespazio VEGA – on top of the science deck of the Schiaparellit model


Several scientists responsible for the intruments of the mission were visiting the launch event. This is the Swiss team of the TGO stereo camera CaSSIS,


Some kids were interviewing the former astronaut current ESA director Thomas Reiter. I was lucky to be invited to join them.


Kids and astronauts – that is how I like it – being just among them. 😉


Meeting the funny @Cosmic_Carol. We talked a lot and had fun.


„Mr. Space“ Remco Timmermans has found me (and Constanze – more about her in the net image). It is always a pleasure to meet this guy!


Two Student Space Ambassadors in one image: Constanze Kramer and myself. We had the honour to report about this event live for the organisation „The Mars Generation“ of the aspiring astronaut Abigail Harrison.


With my friend Diego Urbina. He was on Mars already – kind of – as part of the Mars500 simulation. Currently he is training for walks on the Moon. Search for „MoonWalkEU“ to learn more about this endeavour.


The fantastic ESA team is shooting a group photo. Many thanks for this fantastic event! Unfortunately I was unable to talk to all of you. We will meet again in mid October when TGO and Schiararelli will arrive in the vicinity of Mars – or even earlier!? 😉

Part II of my reports about the ExoMars 2016 launch:


Part I of my reports about the ExoMars 2016 launch event:




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