Mausonaut on Mars in Rio Tinto: The SHEE habitat

The habitat SHEE (Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments) is an impressive piece of hardware with a diameter of 6 m and is weighting more than 5 tonnes with all systems installed. In unfolded state it can be transported by a normal truck, in a container on a ship or by air. It is designed to give two astronauts habitation for two weeks on the surface of the Moon or Mars (or Earth). Therefore it would allow surface missions with a duration of two weeks. SHEE could also be the initial habitat for longer missions when additional habitats need some preparations to allow a longer stay of the crew.

The Mars analogue mission of project MoonWalk at the Rio Tinto site in Spain is the first mission where the SHEE was deployed. Therefore it is the first real test for the SHEE.

I had the pleasure to get a tour through the SHEE hab. My tour guide was Dr. Barbara Imhof of the LIQUIFER Systems Group. Many thanks for the very interesting tour, Barbara!

And during this tour I took some images for you. Just follow me on a tour through the SHEE !


First look through the entrance door of SHEE. On the right side there is a workshop. In the center the galley kitchen and hygiene facility can be spotted. The closed access door for the EVA suit ports is visible in the back on the left side.


Viewing into the workshop area of SHEE. The American analogue astronaut Joshua V. Nelson (a.k.a. @The_Stargazer) is studying some documentation.


View on the Environmental Control & Life Support System (ECLSS) of SHEE – and it panels and displays.


Cozy! One of the two crew quarters. Due to high demand not all requests for sleeping in it could be fulfilled. 😉


The scientific lab in SHEE.


Viewing through the open suit port directly into the Gandolfi 2 EVA suit built by COMEX. The back part of the suit is removed for ingress. As the suit ports were installed just before the MoonWalkEU simulation started sealing works were not finished.


The SHEE habitat during sunset. The development and construction of SHEE was funded by the European Union.

Impressive, right? In a hab of this size and capability I could travel to the edge of the universe, couldn’t I? . 😉

More information about the SHEE habitat can be found at this website:

Part 1: The YEMO robotic rover

Part 3: Going On A Mars Walk


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