My visit of the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

I had the pleasure to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. I was a guest of some members of the Orion team at JSC. Please have a look to see what fantastic things I was able to see – click on the images for starting the slide show and to see the captions! Many thanks go to my friends Nujoud and Stu for helping me and taking the photos! Now let the images speak! 😉


My visit on Mars on Earth – in images

These is a selection of images taken during my visit of the Mars analogue site in Rio Tinto, Spain. We have visited the site during a public event of  the MoonWalk project carrying out a 2-week simulation of a Mars mission.


The Gandolfi 2 suit made by COMEX on its frame for transport. Earlier the suit was used for a simulated Mars walk. Read more about it here: Marswalk .


During the public event we were launching mini Ariane 6 launchers – here the one in normal configuration with a payload fairing.


Our second launch of a mini Ariane. This time I was onboard leaving Mars flying back to Earth! Really! 😉



What a nice surprise! My boss was allowed to do a short Marswalk in the Gandolfi 2 suit of COMEX. What a happy face!



That does not look right. But it is. It is the final medical check before a simulated Marswalk is starting.



Let’s go on an EVA now. Oh no, wait – someone is missing.



My best friend Ele is watching the preparations for my launch.


For the first time my space capsule was wearing a sticker of the Mars Generation. Recently I joined them as a Student Space Ambassador.


Having fun with the kids.



With my friend Peter Weiss of COMEX, Marseille. As the head of the Space Division of COMEX Peter is responsible for the development of this fantastic Gandolfi 2 suit. And many thanks for the invitation, Peter !


Yours truly on-board of the YEMO rover. I was taking taking part in testing the gesture control of YEMO by an astronaut .



I joined my boss for a Marswalk – via Photoshop. 😉


Arggghh!!! There are snakes on Mars!


With my friend Ele in front of the SHEE habitat. Please follow us for a tour through SHEE !


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My visit on Mars – in Rio Tinto, Earth: Going on a Mars walk

During my visit of the simulation of a Mars mission of the MoonWalk project in the Rio Tinto area I had the unique opportunity to join a simulated Mars walk. What is a simulated Mars walk? That is basically said testing some hardware and procedures for an EVA on the surface of Mars.

The main objectives of the Mars walk I had the pleasure to join was to test the space suit Gandolfi 2 (designed by the company COMEX, Marseille), communication equipment and some tools for taking samples from the ground. That is all very interesting by itself. Additionally there were a few surprises for an outsider like me. Yes, I am an outsider despite my spacewalks during my #MoonDot mission as I have never trained for a surface EVA before.

Now please join us on the this exciting Mars walk.We show you all as it has happened – nothing is censored here. Here we go:

That was cool, right? Yeah, you really need to watch the video for having all the fun. We have really enjoyed that walk and learned a lot at the same time – thus will you.

As the analogue astronaut was walking too fast (in comparison to a little mouse like me) my boss SpaceHolgar had to carry me additionally to the three cameras. You may have noticed this from time to time.  We are really a fantastic „1 mouse + 1 man“ team. And we had a fantastic time during our visit of the Mars mission simulation of project MoonWalk. Many thanks go to the entire MoonWalk team. We hope to meet some of you again within a few weeks!

Yours truly,


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P.S.: To our great surprise my boss SpaceHolgar got a fantastic present by the MoonWalk team – his own little Mars Walk – once around the SHEE habitat! Many thanks go to Peter Weiss and the entire MoonWalk team! That was absolute fantastic.


P.S. of the P.S.: I was promised to get a bonus, too – within a few weeks. And here it is: some additional images from my short Mars walk and the preparations for one of our rocket launches:


Entering the Gandolfi 2 space suit from inside the SHEE habitat. (Foto: Peter Weiss)


During my short Mars walk. You have to know that project MoonWalk was financed by the European Commission. (Foto: Peter Weiss)


Happy face just after leaving the Gandolfi 2 space suit. 


Mausonaut and myself explaining some curious kids how our mini Ariane 6 launcher is working (Foto: Peter Weiss)


Final preparations for launch (Foto: Peter Weiss)


Mausonaut is getting the final medical check by a doctor from the Spanish army before his launch (Foto: Peter Weiss)


The medical checkup continues (Foto: Peter Weiss)