My visit on Mars – in Rio Tinto, Earth: Going on a Mars walk

During my visit of the simulation of a Mars mission of the MoonWalk project in the Rio Tinto area I had the unique opportunity to join a simulated Mars walk. What is a simulated Mars walk? That is basically said testing some hardware and procedures for an EVA on the surface of Mars.

The main objectives of the Mars walk I had the pleasure to join was to test the space suit Gandolfi 2 (designed by the company COMEX, Marseille), communication equipment and some tools for taking samples from the ground. That is all very interesting by itself. Additionally there were a few surprises for an outsider like me. Yes, I am an outsider despite my spacewalks during my #MoonDot mission as I have never trained for a surface EVA before.

Now please join us on the this exciting Mars walk.We show you all as it has happened – nothing is censored here. Here we go:

That was cool, right? Yeah, you really need to watch the video for having all the fun. We have really enjoyed that walk and learned a lot at the same time – thus will you.

As the analogue astronaut was walking too fast (in comparison to a little mouse like me) my boss SpaceHolgar had to carry me additionally to the three cameras. You may have noticed this from time to time.  We are really a fantastic „1 mouse + 1 man“ team. And we had a fantastic time during our visit of the Mars mission simulation of project MoonWalk. Many thanks go to the entire MoonWalk team. We hope to meet some of you again within a few weeks!

Yours truly,


Other reports about our visit of project MoonWalk in Rio Tinto:

Part II:  The SHEE habitat

Part I: The robotic rover YEMO

P.S.: To our great surprise my boss SpaceHolgar got a fantastic present by the MoonWalk team – his own little Mars Walk – once around the SHEE habitat! Many thanks go to Peter Weiss and the entire MoonWalk team! That was absolute fantastic.


P.S. of the P.S.: I was promised to get a bonus, too – within a few weeks. You can expect something very spectacular to happen! 😉


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