[ENG] The third mission to the MoonDotStation – an assembly mission – part II

It is about time to go on another mission to the MoonDotStation. This time we will add a multipurpose module to the station. To launch this new module and an Orion spaceship with my two American colleagues on-board we will use a huge SLS launcher. The launcher will have a large upper stage called EUS to be able to fulfill this mission. This version of the SLS is called SLS Block 1B.

I will launch in my MoonDot spaceship on top of an Ariane 6 launcher a few days after the SLS launch. The aim is to help to connect the new module to the MoonDotStation and to support the commissioning of the module.

This was the basic plan for this mission. Please see by yourself how this mission was progressing in reality. Thank you!

You can find Part I of the mission summary here:  https://mausonaut.wordpress.com/eng-the-third-mission-to-the-moondotstation-an-assembly-mission/


Mission day 13 – Inauguration of the Cupola – August 12, 2016


Mission day 14 – August 13, 2016


Mission day 15 – August 14, 2016



Mission day 16 – Undocking – August 15, 2016


Mission day 17 – Cruising back to Earth – August 16, 2016


Mission day 18 – Landing on Earth – August 17, 2016


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