The first MoonDotStation mission

Launch of the first module of the MoonDotStation – 26/09/2015:

2nd flight day of the MoonDotStation – 27/09/2015:

The MoonDotStation continues to fly on its predetermined path towards the Moon. Some light tasks were performed by the automatic systems:

Mausonaut had some programatic discusssions with fans 🙂

3rd flight day of the MoonDotStation – 28/09/2015:

On the way towards the Moon some images of the super blood Moon were taken with help of the Docking Support Camera DSC through a window of the MoonDotStation:

4th flight day of the MoonDotStation – 28/09/2015:

5th flight day of the MoonDotStation – 29/09/2015:




05/10/2015 – Launch day:

06/10/2015 – Mission day 2:

07/10/2015 – Mission day 3:

08/10/2015 – Mission day 4:

09/10/2015 – Mission day 5 – Docking to the MoonDotStation:

10/10/2015 – Mission day 6 – The first day in the MoonDotStation:

The mission summary is continued with part 2 here:

For more information including more reactions by fans please follow @Mausonaut and the @MoonDotStation on Twitter. On Twitter you can also interact with them. Thank you.

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