The second mission to @MoonDotStation

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I am Mausonaut, flying to the Moon in my own #MoonDot spaceship and sharing my excitement for human spaceflight through my own missions on Twitter and this blog. I am helped by Holger Voss who recreates and invents the missions of humans into my Mausonaut universe.

I am on my second mission to the @MoonDotStation. The @MoonDotStation is a small habitat near the Moon – all located in the Mausonaut universe. The station is orbiting the „Lagrange point 1“ of the Earth-Moon system. The distance to Earth is about 325,000 km.

My plan for this second mission is to stay for up to four weeks at the station. I will test the life support systems and perform experiments. There will be visiting vehicles including Orion and a cargo vehicle. I will go on spacewalks to install a small telescope.

I will report in real time about the mission on Twitter:

In the following I will list (and update) the main events of the mission:

1. My launch on mini Ariane 6 – 25 Jan 2016


2. Docking to the @MoonDotStation – 28 Jan 2016


3. Launch of the mini HTV-X cargo vehicle – 30 Jan 2016


4. Spacewalk to install attachment point for telescope – 2 Feb 2016


5. Capture and mating the HTV-X cargo vessel to the @MoonDotStation – 5 Feb 2016


6. Supporting #MoonVillage – 6 Feb 2016


7. Telerobotics test – 9 Feb 2016


8. Launch of mini Orion spaceship on mini SLS – 11 Feb 2016


9. Spacewalk #2 to install telescope – 12 Feb 2016


10. Departure of the HTV-X cargo vessel – 14 Feb 2016


11. Arival of the mini Orion spaceship in the vicinity of the @MoonDotStation – 15 Feb 2016


12. Docking of the Orion spaceship to the @MoonDotStation – 16 Feb 2016 


13. Flag handover ceremony and agreement- 18 Feb 2016


14. Flyaround of the @MoonDotStation – 19 Feb 2016


15. Let us talk about the Moon – 19 Feb 2016


16. Announcement Q&A with NASA-Orion engineer Stuart Mcclung – 21 Feb 2016


17. Undocking of the Orion spaceship – 22 Feb 2016


18. Undocking of the my spaceship from the @MoonDotStation – 22. Feb 2016


19. Q&A with NASA engineer Stuart Mcclung about the Orion spaceship – 23. Feb 2016

For more than one hour NASA engineer Stuart Mcclung answered questions of several participants from all over the world about the Orion spacecraft. For a recap of this event please search on Twitter for the hashtags #askOrionStu and #askOrionStuDE.

Many thanks go the Stuart Mcclung to give us this great opportunity to learn more about the Orion spacecraft! THANK YOU!


20. Flying home back to Earth – 23.-25. Feb 2016 


21. Landing of Mausonaut – 25. Feb 2016 


22. Landing of the Orion – 25. Feb 2016 


This is my second mission to the @MoonDotStation! That means that there was a first one! For a summary of the first mission please follow this link:

Und wir haben auch eine deutschsprachige Umsetzung der Mission fuer Euch. Diese findet man hier:

Thank you!